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I received this email early this year.  Any emails claiming to be from an African government that wants to give you money should be ignored and deleted; no one in their right minds will want to give you free money.

The email has some inconsistencies that made me question its validity:

  • The biggest red flag here is their request for the personal address and bank account information – DO NOT give this information to anyone over the phone or email.
  • What is the Organization for African Unity?
  • Some improper grammar is highlighted in orange.

From: Mrs. Helen Egomen []

Sent: Sunday, January 8, 2017 10:57 AM


Payment Accreditation Committee

National House of Senate


Dear Sir/ma,

Ref: FHS/FPD/0027/16

We write to inform you of your payment as approved by the committee, house of senate in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance. We have in our data base records showing your payment with held by the government. We are looking into our past government financial records and liabilities. The new Chairman of OAU (Organization for African Unity) has given directives to compensate foreign contractors/beneficiaries. This committee has approved a part payment of US$2,500,000.00 in your favour.

The reason for this compensation as approved by the leaders of African nations under Eu and world bank directives, as a measure of reconciling the continent with other international communities for trade and business development.

We were mandated to locate all victims of scams and payment benefactors/heirs who has suffered various degree of extortion by officials or agencies of government in Africa continent. You were listed, and compensation awarded to you.

Please confirm your detail information as required below:

Your full names:

Your address:



Payment Value:

Your nominated bank details:

As soon as we receive your information as requested, payment schedule will be sent to you without delay.

Please feel free to contact me for any assistance.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Helen Egomen

Secretary to the Committee

As a general rule:

  1. If you don’t recognize the sender, don’t open or click on the link.
  2. If the email is from someone that you know but the email looks suspicious or too good to be true, don’t open it; confirm with your friend that he/she intended to send you the email by call or text; don’t reply to the email.
  3. Ignore and delete any emails that ask for your bank account information, SSN, driver’s license number, Passport number, etc.
  4. Don’t open any attachments from unsolicited emails, they usually contain a virus.