Apple ID Phone Scam

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A couple of days ago I got a call from “Apple” (Caller ID 1.833.332.2666) telling me the following:

“The apple device you are using is infected with a networking Trojan that was dropped into your apple devices and your apple device is going to be blocked due to the malicious website that was made using your apple id so don’t do any (inaudible) online banking or transactions until the issue is resolved.  For instant help from Apple technician press 9 or dial 1.833.665.2666.”

To make the call sound more legitimate, a computer-generated voice (similar to the voices used by banks, utilities, etc.) was used,  Don’t fall from this!

Here are many reasons why this is a scam:

  • Has ever Apple or any other big company calls you because they want to help?  Heck, how long does it take to talk to someone when you call them?
  • The caller ID shows one number (1.833.332.2666), and the number provided to call back  (1.833.665.2666) is different
  • Grammar: “from apple technician” instead of “from an apple technician”

Don’t fall for this or any other scams; if the call is too good to be true, there is a reason for that.

As a general rule:

  1. Never, ever, ever give your personal or account information to a person that called you
  2. If you want to confirm the call, call the company back using the number published on their website on any other document; never call back to the number that the person (scammer) provided you over the phone
  3. If you provided or believe that you provide some information to the scammer before you can realize it, close your bank accounts – yes, this may be a bit inconvenient; but it will be nothing compared to what you will need to go through if the scammer starts to use your information/identity.